Wadatsumi 海宮

Located at the water's edge in the picturesque fishing village of Ine in northern Kyoto prefecture, Wadatsumi is a new sea-to-table restaurant that sets a standard by the freshness, fare, and sustainability of the seafood it serves.

Hamamori no Moshio

Made by a slow, natural, and sustainable process, the jewel-like crystals of Hamamori no Moshio seaweed salt are a masterful blend of bright mineral salt from Sea of Japan waters and mellow savory kajime seaweed, a local konbu rich in umami.

Amabito no Moshio

The first revival in Japan of harvesting salt based on the ancient methods of the "amabito," or sea people, Amabito no Moshio is a flavorful and nutritious seaweed salt designed for modern everyday use.

Takehara 竹原

For centuries, the enterprising merchants of Takehara have combined their commercial instincts and ambitions with a love of food and good eating to put their country town at the forefront of developments in Japan's food history.